Balcony Chairs And Table – Tips For Choosing Best Design

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Balcony Chairs and Table fall under the category of outdoor furniture. And selecting your outdoor furniture is a way different task than selecting your indoor furniture. There are several factors that you have to keep in mind while selecting your outdoor furniture, especially balcony chairs and table. And we say especially because balcony chairs and table form the centre piece of attention of your balcony. Hence, you should choose your balcony chairs and table wisely in accordance with the specifications of your balcony. This will make your balcony a great place for your entertainment, relaxation and overall enjoyment.

Let’s have a look at some of the important factors that you should definitely consider while choosing your balcony chairs and table.

Available Space

First and foremost, the most basic thing that you need to consider is the available space in your balcony. You should choose the chairs and table design which best fits your balcony. There should be enough space left in your balcony to easily move around after setting up of balcony chairs and table.

You need not to worry even if you have a small balcony in your home. There are many beautiful designs available in small and medium shapes and sizes which will easily fit in the smaller balconies.

Weather Conditions

The outdoor furniture has to bear the brutality of the extreme weather conditions. So it is quite important to select a robust piece of balcony chairs and table which can withstand the test of harsh weather changes. These changes range right from the skin burning heat to the bone chilling waves.

Hence, if you end up selecting a wrong set of outdoor furniture then it will surely make a big dent in your pocket. And you will have to spend a lot on the maintenance of the furniture. 

Furniture Material

As discussed above choosing outdoor furniture material is of utmost importance. Most people prefer to go for metallic material as they are cost effective and require very less maintenance. They also occupy lesser space in comparison to the wooden furniture options.

Materials like wrought iron, aluminium, teak, resin etc. are considered as good choices for the outdoor furniture. They are able to stand up to the difficult weather conditions and they can be moulded into beautiful designs for your balcony.

Placement Of Furniture

The placement of furniture is a factor which is often ignored by people. But it is something that should be definitely given attention, you should decide where you want to place your furniture in your balcony before buying it.

Your choice of placement will decide the type of furniture you need to buy, consider factors like shade, moisture, dampness, sunlight, flooring (grass, carpet, tiles etc).

Comfort Quotient

When you talk about spending quality time in your balcony the first thing that you are looking for, is the comfort. So it is best to buy chairs and table which are comfortable. In fact, comfort is the only thing that you should not be looking to compromise on.

You can use cushions, throw pillows, blankets etc to make the place more comfortable. Along with chairs and table, recliners, loungers, rock chairs can also be used to make your stay in the balcony a lot more enjoyable.


Last but not the least, is your financial budget for your outdoor furniture. They say that you should always buy the best furniture, everybody wants that too. But the thing is, everybody does not have the money for the best.

So it is best to assess your budget in advance and then search for the furniture which fits in your budget and all your other requirements.

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