Feng Shui Frog – Invite Money, Wealth And Prosperity

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Feng Shui frog is known by many names such as wealth frog, money toad, three legged toad, toad god, money frog and the Chinese names Jin Chan and Chan Chu. Feng Shui frog is portrayed as a three legged toad with a coin in its mouth sitting on an ingot. According to feng shui this lucky frog has the powers to keep away the bad spirits and attract wealth and prosperity. The money frog itself symbolises wealth and money in the materialistic form and this is the reason why it is considered beneficial for individuals, companies and businesses.

Let’s discuss in detail how to use feng shui frog / three legged frog for inviting money, wealth and prosperity your way.

Benefits Of Feng Shui Frog

Feng Shui attaches a great importance to the money frog and contains several prescriptions on how to use them in the best ways, a three legged frog is believed to attract and protect wealth, and safeguard against bad luck. It is believed that on every full moon day, money frog appears in front of the houses that have the luck in their favour.

Placement Of Feng Shui Frog

Placement of the feng shui frog is the key for achieving the desired results, if it is not placed correctly you may not observe the differences, the money frog should be placed near the entrance of the house with the frog facing inside, it should be placed in the area where you keep your financial papers and money, north direction for career advancement and south east direction for wealth increment are considered favourable.

Money frog should not be placed in bedroom, kitchen or near bathroom area, it should not be kept on the ground, it should not face outward from the house and the area around the toad should be kept clean.

Activating The Feng Shui Frog

It is essential to activate the feng shui frog or toad to get the real benefits with it. For activating the toad, tie a red ribbon around it or place the toad on a red paper. Most feng shui frogs come with coins in their mouth, but if you do not have one with coin in its mouth, then you should buy a coin to be placed in its mouth.

A group of money frogs is said to bring in more wealth than a single frog. Hence you should opt for group of frogs having three, six or nine number of frogs, because these are considered auspicious. Align them in a way that they do not face the same direction.

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