Granite Design For Kitchen – Fabulous Designs

Granite has been used for many years in both interior and exterior applications in the houses although the most frequent use of granite has been done for the purpose of flooring, making wall tiles and slabs in modern homes. If we talk about modern kitchens, granite is very regularly used for making kitchen counter tops and wall tiles. Granite is preferred by most of the people because of its awesome qualities, it looks beautiful and shiny, it comes in many designs and patterns, it is highly durable, it is water resistant, it is very easy to clean and it is smooth and attractive.

Let’s discuss some of the granite designs for kitchen which you can adapt for adorning your kitchen with this beautiful stone.

Brown And White Countertop

When you use granite design for kitchen, it makes a lot of difference to the overall look of the kitchen, like this beautiful brown and white granite can add so much to the beauty of the kitchen.

Galaxy Black Granite

This galaxy black granite is such a beautiful granite design for kitchen, it is highly durable along with being shiny and smooth.

Granite Tiles

This black and white combination granite tiles are perfect for creating the back wall for your cooking area in the kitchen, it looks much better with the matching granite counter top.

Granite In White

Granite with dominance of white colour looks fabulous, it clearly displays the natural pattern of the granite, making it a great choice for your kitchen.

Pure White Granite

Pure white granite looks crystal clear and its usage can completely change the look of your kitchen because it adds such a royal and classy feel to your kitchen.

Dark Green Granite

This granite design gives you another natural stone option for making your kitchen look more attractive and appealing.

Black And White Counter Top

This black and white granite looks strikingly similar to a  marble stone but in fact it is a better and durable option for your kitchen.

Dark Brown Baltic Granite

This dark brown baltic granite is so shiny and glossy that you can even see your own reflection in it, its a gorgeous granite design which can be used with any kitchen theme.