How To Make A Terrace Garden – Step By Step Guide

You must have experienced that greenery is now becoming like a specie which is on the verge of extinction, trees are being cut down in abundance to accommodate more houses, natural habitats are being turned into housing complexes and our vehicles and industries are spreading more and more toxins into the air making the climate change more erratic and increasing the temperature of our planet.

So in this difficult era we need to work hard to save and retain green space amidst this concrete jungle that we are creating and there is hardly any ground space left for the city dwellers, so the only space to have some greenery is on the terrace or balcony of residential flats. So here we are going to explain you how to make a terrace garden which will provide you some fresh air and peace of mind.

Check The Waterproofing Of Terrace

Start with checking the water proofing of the roof and making it water resistant and leakage free because you definitely don’t want your roofs to leak and make rest of the house a mess. Water-proofing is not a complicated procedure but a very necessary one and various water proofing products are available in the market to waterproof your terrace, try to get the one that will fulfil your requirements.

Make A Layout Plan

Make a layout for your terrace garden, you don’t need to go overboard with the designing but you need to have a plan in your mind about the whole setup, try to make it spacious so that it feels comfortable and relaxing, you would not want to feel crowded in the place which is meant to relax you.

Choose The Right Plants

Every person is different and so are his requirements, choose the plants that best suits your requirements, there are many varieties available which you can choose from, if you want beautiful plants you can use the colourful climbers and if you want to grow vegetables then start with the ones that grow fast and doesn’t require much effort, like coriander, gram, chilli, spinach etc.

Start Planting And Gardening

Start planting your plants as per your space strategy, you can buy pots from market or make some yourself by using the existing containers from your house. You should make a drainage hole at the bottom and cover it with stones so that there is space for the water to flow but no soil is discharged. Get your soil ready by mixing soil, compost, sand and vermin-compost in equal quantities and fill the pot and wet the soil and sow the seed or sapling.

Utilise The Walls Of Your Terrace

Utilize the space on your walls to create a beautiful ambience for your terrace garden, you can use beautiful and fragrant vines to decorate your walls and the other good option is using the hanging planters for your plants.

Select Terrace Garden Furniture

One of the greatest advantages of having a terrace garden of your own is that you relax in the lap of nature whenever you want and for that you need a good set of furniture, what makes a furniture set good depends on your preferences and requirements, try to get a furniture which does not takes too much of your space.

Keep Track Of Watering The Plants

Water is the most essential element for the growth of the plants, you need to keep a track of it so that your plants don’s suffer due to lack or excess of it. Ensure watering of the plants in a routine manner, if you travel often and don’t have anyone to help you out with the watering, you can consider drip irrigation.

Use Pesticides To Avoid Pests

Pests and insects are going to visit your garden no matter what kind of protection you take. So you should definitely use pesticides and insecticides, although you don’t need to use the harmful artificial ones available in the market, but instead use natural ones which can be prepared at home with a mixture of baking soda, cooking oil and water to avoid fungal infections, neem oil can also be used to keeps the pests away.

Maintenanace Of Your Terrace Garden

Your job does not end with making a great terrace garden for yourself because it needs maintenance too, although that will not take a lot of your time, an hour in your garden is enough to keep it maintained once it is established. Also, working in the garden and tending the plants and flowers will give you a lot of positive energy and peace from within.