Indian Balcony Design – Awesome Tips For You

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Having a vacation outdoors in your favourite destinations is a great experience, it is a time where the whole family bonds, but because of our busy and hectic lives it is not possible for us to do it much often. And in our daily routine lives, most of the times we remain inside our offices and homes, far away from the natural air and light. Believe it or not, but it leaves a great impact on our bodies and our general well being, we all need to be connected to the nature to have that feeling of contentment. Having an awesome balcony in your home helps this cause of yours to a great extent. It lets you interact with the mother nature.

In this article we are providing you some awesome tips related to Indian balcony design which will help you create a great looking balcony for yourself.


Curtain is the first thing that a person will see while entering your balcony and it also serves as the background for your balcony from the outside, make sure you go for a dramatic makeover of your balcony with a nice looking curtain.

Shade Umbrella

Umbrellas are must for open gardens but if you have a balcony which gets a good amount of sunlight during the day then having an umbrella is suggested, it gives your balcony a whole different look.

Colourful Planters

Colourful planters and pots make your balcony vibrant and interesting, plant beautiful and fragrant flowery plants in these planters to get a fresh looking and nice smelling balcony.

Balcony Rug

You can add charm to your outdoor space with rugs, they not only add a vibrance to your outdoor area but also help define the seating area. In case of a balcony, you can think of a faux grass carpet to amp up the natural vibe.

Recliner Chair

Recliner chair is one of the most fun chairs ever made, if you wish to relax and enjoy your drink in the balcony to the fullest then you ought to have a great recliner chair in your balcony.

Balcony Wall Decor

Balcony walls should never be left empty, try to decorate your balcony walls with a good decor theme to make your balcony look more interesting and appealing.

Wind Chimes

Get a good looking wind chime for your balcony which goes along with the theme of your balcony and has a nice ring to it.

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