Mirror Lighting For Makeup In Your Home

You apply your makeup and you are pretty happy with the way everything looks when you see yourself in the mirror and then you walk out and see yourself in another mirror, to your surprise, you look completely different than what you had thought of. Has this ever happened to you? If yes, then the problem isn’t with your makeup or makeup skills; it’s most probably your mirror lighting for makeup, which if not handled properly, may cause some embarrassing situations.

We are listing here some of the tips which you should definitely use in mirror lighting for makeup in your home.

Use Multiple Source Of Lighting

Having light come in from multiple sources at correct angles, is what you should aim for. If you have a budget issue then you should at least use light sources on either side of your face because placing two light fixtures on either side of your mirror at eye level will evenly highlight areas of your face which will help you to apply your makeup properly.

Natural Daylight Is The Best

If you can use daylight for doing your makeup near a window or door then it may be the best option for you as it provides you with the most accurate perception of your face, daylight is evenly diffused and clear, and hence it makes it easier for you to see when something isn’t blended properly.

Avoid Using Yellow Or Fluorescent Lights

Yellow light can make you look tired and sick, which may cause you to go overboard on the powder and concealer, and fluorescent lighting is overly bright which makes it hard for you to use your makeup correctly, so you should definitely stay away from these lights, you should use warm white light LEDs for your makeup instead.

Do Not Use Single Overhead Light

Do not use single overhead light as using only one light source above you will not provide even illumination and it will cast accentuate shadows under the eyes and other areas which won’t allow you to do your makeup properly.

Stand / Sit At The Right Spot

Choose the correct spot to stand or sit where light evenly illuminates your face so that you may get the best perception of your face.