Paintings For Home Walls – Choose Best Wall Paintings Designs

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When you are thinking about decorating your walls, there are many options to choose from, but if you are a person who has a thing for the art, then paintings for home walls may be the first option that would cross your mind. Paintings give a powerful means to beautifully adorn your walls, they are artistic, they have a meaning behind them, good paintings can add an unique feel to your room, long story short, they have a lot to offer. So if you are on the look for finding paintings for home walls, you definitely need to be aware of the factors that are to be kept in mind while choosing the best one for your home walls.

Let’s discuss some of the factors that you should keep in mind while choosing paintings for home walls to get the best designs for your home.

Size Of The Paintings For Home Walls

First and foremost you shall decide what size of painting are you looking for, and that would depend upon the available space, size of your furniture and your decor theme. There are various sizes of paintings available like large (80 to 100 cms), medium (60 to 80 cms), small (45 to 60 cms) and mini (25 to 45 cms). Choose the one that best fits your requirements.

Type Of The Paintings For Home Walls

When choosing paintings for home walls it is very important for you to understand what type and style of painting you are looking for? Choose the paintings that match the style of your room, including the furniture that you have already invested in. You should prefer to choose paintings for your home based on your own taste and style.

Colour Of Your Home Walls

While choosing paintings for home walls the other factor to be considered is the colour of your walls, you should try to choose the paintings that have background colours that matches or complement your wall colour. You should try to avoid very bright and neon colours as they do not easily match up with the neutral wall colours.

Room Decor Theme

This is also an important factor to consider because if you are following a certain theme for your room decor then it becomes very important to choose your paintings according to that theme, choosing an odd painting will make it look out of place and that will certainly disturb the mood of your space.

Your Own Taste

After considering all the above factors the last thing that you would want to keep in mind is your own taste, if your gut feeling says that you choose a particular painting then you should choose it, because after all it is your space and you are going to live in it. So if you feel comfortable with a particular piece then you should go ahead and keep it.

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