Puja Room Ideas In Small House

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Puja room is the place inside your home which is meant to provide you peace, positivity and inner strength. It is a place where you can sit and pray and just forget about all the worries and stress of the world. So it is very important to make your puja room in such a way that it not only looks good but also helps you have your share of peaceful time.

We are listing here the best puja room ideas in small house which you should consider to make or remodel your puja room. 

Manage The Space For The Puja Room

Since we are talking about puja room ideas in small house space is the major issue to ponder on, if there is very less space then you should consider having an open puja room with curtain partitions.

Direction Of The Puja Room

The direction of the puja room is of utmost importance, so while making the puja room use the north-eastern or eastern side of the home, as it is believed to be filled with positive energy.

Use Light Bright Colours

Use light and bright colours for painting the walls of the room to maintain the brightness and peace in the room, it also helps in making the space look bigger.

Get A Beautiful Wooden Mandir

There are tons of options to buy beautiful mandir online, it will make it easy for you to settle your idols, keep the mandir at a height instead of keeping it on the ground.

Don't Go Overboard With The Idols

Try having fewer idols in your puja room as it is all about being true to the supreme one and all the idols represent him only.

Maintain Proper Lighting In The Room

Keeping proper lighting in the puja room is very necessary, whenever you light diyas or candles, keep them on the south-eastern side of the temple, it brings good fortune and draws in positive energy.

Keep Your Puja Room Well Ventilated

Keep your puja room well ventilated so that the smoke from the diyas, agarbattis and candles can easily escape the puja room and the air inside the room always remains fresh.

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