Types Of Carpet Material – Choose Best Carpet

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Choosing the right carpets for your rooms can make a huge difference on the overall feel of your rooms. And one thing that helps a lot in making the decision for choosing the carpet is the knowledge of types of carpet material. Knowing about the most suitable types of carpet material for your rooms will help you to analyse your maintenance cost, comfort quotient, allergic issues etc.

Your decision to choose a particular carpet may depend on a lot of factors such as its utility, cost, maintenance requirement, insulating properties, kids and pets in your home. And if you choose wisely before buying, believe me, it is going to save a lot of hassle.

There are various types of carpet material that are used for manufacturing carpets, let’s have a look at the most popular types of carpet material -:


Wool is a natural product and it is generally dense and durable. It can hide soil a lot better than the other materials, but it is not highly stain resistant. You would have to clean up the spills at the earliest to avoid permanent stains.

Wool carpets feel very comfortable and this is why they are considered a premium choice for carpet manufacturing. But on the downside, wool absorbs moisture and it can attract moths and insects which may lead to carpet damage.  


Nylon is a synthetic carpet material and it is considered to be the most durable of all materials. Nylon is highly resistant to stains and abrasions. It is quite easy to clean nylon carpets and the maintenance cost is also on the lower side.

Nylon carpets are neither very expensive nor very cheap. You will be able to find nylon carpets in moderate price range options. Nylon carpets also work well in home with kids and pets. 


Polyester is another good synthetic option for carpet material. It is durable, stain resistant and it can easily bare normal traffic. Polyester looks and feels awesome as it comes in vibrant and rich options of shades of color.

Polyester carpet are also easy on the pocket as they come in inexpensive options too. The good thing about polyester is that it can be recycled and hence it is an eco friendly synthetic material.


Polypropylene looks quite similar to the natural wool but it is a better commercial option as it is highly resistant to stain and moisture. It also dries up pretty quickly making it an easy option to clean and maintain.

Also, it is much cheaper than wool or nylon which makes it quite popular. Polypropylene or olefin is also able to withstand high traffic. 


Acrylic is an artificial carpet material that provides the look and feel of the wool at a very low cost. Acrylic is also resistant to moisture, staining, sun damage and static electricity. 

Acrylic has many good features but it is not that suitable for high traffic areas of your home.


Triexta is also a synthetic fiber, in fact it is a type of polyester. It is comparatively a new fiber for carpet manufacturing. It has excellent stain resistance and durability.

It is quite naturally stain resistant and it provides a soft and plush carpet. Although on the downside, it does not stand up well to the heavy traffic.

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