Types Of Toilet Seats – Most Popular Types

Toilet Seat is one of the most important hardware of your bathroom and the overall look of the bathroom is greatly affected by the type of toilet seat you choose for your bathroom. There is a plethora of types of toilet seats available in both offline and online market.

We are listing here some of the most popular types of toilet seats according to their shape and function, from which you can choose the most suitable one for you.

One Piece Toilet

One Piece toilet is the one in which the tank is attached with the body of toilet itself. The tank and body both are generally made of ceramic material and they are fused together, hence the chances of leakage are very less, this type of toilet is called single piece toilet because bowl and tank are together in one piece.

Two Piece Toilet

Two Piece toilet is the one in which the tank and the body of toilet are separate. Both the tank and body are joined together with the help of nuts and bolts, this type of toilet is called two piece toilet because bowl and tank are separate and they have to be combined for installation.

Wall Hung Toilet

Wall hung toilets are the ones which get fitted in the wall with the help of bolts and metal support system, and the flush tank can be hidden in the walls too, they look very beautiful and some of these toilets can easily hold weights up to 200 kgs.

Japanese Toilet

This type of Japanese toilet is a traditional Japanese toilet which is known as washiki toire, and the use of this traditional Japanese toilet involves squatting over the urinal.

Traditional Indian Toilet

This is the traditional Indian toilet seat which is a type of squat toilet, most of the people who use squat toilets consider it more hygienic than the sitting toilets, the flush system is separately attached to these toilets.

Anglo Indian Toilet

This type of toilet seat is a combination of traditional Indian toilet and the western toilet, they can be used both in squatting and sitting position, this is the reason they are also sometimes called two in one toilet seats.

Kids Toilet

Kids toilet is a small sized western toilet which is used for small kids, another alternative of kids toilet is using an additional toilet seat over the regular toilet.

Smart Toilet

These are the latest and modern toilets which are equipped with latest technology, these toilet have great features like heated seating, warm flowing water, air drying, and much more.