Types Of Window Curtains – Choose Your Favourite

Window curtains are an important part of your home decor, different window curtains types or window treatment types are available in the market, and which types of window curtains you wish to choose for your windows may depend upon the size of windows, your decor theme, requirement of shade and other such factors.

To help you decide which window curtains types are the best options for your rooms we are listing here some of the popular window treatments.


Blinds come in different material varieties such as wood, metal, or vinyl. They have slats which are tilted open or close by cords running through the entire length of the blind. They are hung either vertically or horizontally over the length of the window.


Drapes are available in many different styles, fabrics, colours and patterns. They are made up of heavy fabric and they can be easily designed as per your home decor requirements.


The most popular types of shades are roman shades, bamboo shades, roller shades, pleated shades, it is basically a length of fabric or some other material equal to the width of the window attached to a rod or frame on the top.


Shutters are made of wood or faux wood material, they are attached to the window by the hinges that allow them to be closed or opened, they have small louvres that can be open and shut with a lever to filter the light.


Sheers are lightweight curtains that are made from the sheer fabric. They do not serve the purpose of blocking light or giving privacy, but they look very pretty on the windows.


Valances are the pieces of fabric which are draped around the top of a window frame. They are used as the decorative top treatment to conceal the mounting hardware at the top of the window.