Vastu Colours For Kitchen Cabinets – For All Directions

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As per Vastu Shastra, kitchen is a very important place in your home, positive energy is supplied in the entire home through the kitchen in the form of healthy and nutritious food. In vastu colours also play a very important role, right colours used in your kitchen can become a source of strong positive energy in your home.

Let’s discuss the appropriate vastu colours for kitchen cabinets that you should use to get the right balance for your kitchen.

Vastu Colours For Kitchen Cabinets

North Direction

North is ruled by Lord Kubera of wealth and is said to raise inflow of wealth, success and riches. it is a highly charged direction with positive vibration which it instils in the surroundings. If the kitchen zone is in north then shades of blue should be used.

East Direction

East is the governing direction of Lord Sun and it is the most significant direction in Hindu cosmology from where all positive energy springs to brighten the earth surroundings. For east direction shade of green or brown colour should be used.

West Direction

West direction is being ruled by Lord Varun and governed by element water which is the vital for survival. For west direction shade of silver, white or metallic colour should be used.

South Direction

South direction is the direction governed by Lord of death- Yama, and therefore some in-auspiciousness is linked with this direction which certainly makes it unfavourable direction. If the kitchen zone is in south then shades of red, pink, orange or violet should be used.

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