Vastu Shastra For Kitchen Sink – Powerful Vastu Tips

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Kitchen is one of the most important parts of your house and it has to be arranged appropriately, your kitchen items specially your kitchen sink must be situated at their ideal place because wrong position of water can disturb family members in a critical way.

In this article we are going to discuss some powerful tips about vastu shastra for kitchen sink that will help you to make a vastu compliant kitchen.

Direction - Vastu Shastra For Kitchen Sink

Water has a major influence as per Vastu because it is considered to be a big energy creator, so if water items are arranged properly they will bring strong positive energy and if they are not arranged properly they will bring strong negative energy to the inhabitants.

Vastu shastra for kitchen sink recommends that the kitchen sink should always be placed in the north-east direction of your kitchen. You should also try to put water purifiers and other water storage containers in this direction only to prevent damages. You should avoid putting kitchen sink in the south, west or south-west direction.

The Ideal Triangle

Along with the placement of kitchen sink there is also a great significance of position of your fridge and gas stove, and it is very important to maintain the space between all three of them to sustain the well being of your home.

As we mentioned above, ideal situation for kitchen sink is north-east, and for gas stove it is towards the south-east and for the refrigerator towards the south west. This shall form the most efficient and ideal triangular position for Fire and Water elements in your kitchen. 

Most of the Indian kitchens have all these three elements placed in a straight line due to shortage of space or any other reason, but it is only acceptable if the sink and gas stove are placed at maximum proximity from each other as both these element if placed together can create undue friction within the family.

Therefore Vastu recommends for a good gap between the sink, which is a water element and gas stove, which is a fire element. It is very important to separate both the elements to avoid undue effects that may gather upon gradually. 

If for some reason it is not possible for you to maintain these ideal triangular placements in your kitchen then you should definitely consider separating the fire and water elements with a partition preferably a wooden plank. 

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