Wall Mounted Lamps For Bedroom – Tips For Choosing Best Design

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There are two primary uses of wall mounted lamps for bedroom, one is for the lighting purpose and the other one is for decorating your room. Lighting is very crucial for your rooms as it can change the whole ambience of the place, so it becomes very important for you to understand the lighting requirements of your room. Start with making a rough assessment of your room and identify the correct place for installing the wall mounted lamps, then decide whether you want an up light or a down light, up lights have their focus towards the ceiling so they are good for ambience lighting while down lights have their focus towards the floor so they are good for task lighting. 

There is a huge variety of designs of wall mounted lamps for bedroom including sconces, brackets, torchiers, lanterns etc, continue reading to find the most suitable one for you. 

Pick The Right Wall Lamp

The first thing you would want to do is to choose the right wall lamp, if you are looking for task lighting then sconces are the better options, translucent lamps are good options for ambience lighting and torchiers are good for highlighting your interior design, so choose the right one as per your requirement.

Decide The Number Of Wall Lamps

When choosing the wall lamps you also need to consider how many lamps you should use, for this purpose you need to consider factors like other light sources, availability of natural light, size of the room etc.

Placement Of Wall Lamps

Placement of the wall lamps is the key for right lighting in your room, the right height for wall lamps is about five to six feet above the ground, which may vary a bit as per the size of your room. 

Use A Pair For Strong Effect

Some wall lamps come in pairs and they work really well for your walls. You can also use single lamps as a pair by placing them right next to each other in the middle of the wall to form a single strong feature.

Match Wall Lamps With Decor Theme

While choosing wall lamps it is very important to keep your decor theme in mind, you would not want to see odd lamps spoiling your decor, choose the right wall lamps that go with your theme.

Use Artistic Wall Lamps

There is a plethora of beautiful artistic wall lamps available in online market, you should definitely browse these and choose the right ones for your room, as they can completely change the feel of your rooms.

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